The Technologies

The technology utilised incorporates the area of on-line analysis and combines the advantages of the various methods of spectroscopy, reflectometry and laser emission spectrometry, including LIBS – Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. The distinguishing characteristics of the measuring techniques employed by LSA GmbH are, on the one hand, the contactless analysis (measuring areas of a few centimetres to several metres are possible) and on the other hand the in principal application on to all substances and on to all aggregate states. Even the measurement of objects that are difficult to access or that are not stationary is now made possible. A mechanical sample preparation is in most cases not necessary, which means significant timesavings and a simplified application of the testing. In many cases, measuring can take place directly during the process, such that sampling can be dispensed with entirely. The interpretation of the measurements takes place in real time, so that the results are available online.