LSA – Laser-based, chemical, non-destructive analysis of materials

Leadership in innovation and quality of material are intrinsically tied together. For this reason, for millennia, a far-reaching knowledge of raw materials and the skills and technology for its further material processing have been of fundamental importance for economic success.

To guarantee the desired quality of material at all times, it is essential to carry out an immediate and on the spot material analysis at every stage of the manufacturing process, to prevent 100% of material grade changes.

This is the aim of LSA GmbH, to successfully pioneer the advantages of laser emission spectrometry in the production and manufacturing processes in highly automated facilities. The goal is to optimise the distribution of the raw materials throughout all industrial manufacturing processes.

LSA – Solutions for all Manufacturing Processes

Solutions bei der Rohstoffgewinnung und RecyclingSolutions for the Production of Raw Materials and for Recycling

LSA GmbH enables the highest possible proportion of valuable component parts. Thus, in the process of excavating raw materials as well as recycling, primary raw materials have to be distinguished from other components, such that separation at an early stage is made possible, even with variations in alloys.

Solutions für die Raffination und RohproduktfertigungSolutions for Refining and Raw Product Manufacturing

In this area, LSA GmbH provides for safety and reliability and prevents material grade changes on-line within the scope of the production process. In addition, LSA offers solutions to determine the homogeneity and the purity of the materials used across expanded test surfaces.

Solutions für Beschichtungen/CoatingSolutions for Coating

LSA GmbH enables the homogeneity, purity and the coating thickness to be determined, consistently, over an entire sample surface. In this way, optimal quality for the entire product can be guaranteed.

Solutions bei der WerksstückfertigungSolutions for the Production of Work Components

Many parts are manufactured for different applications, in each case with different materials. LSA GmbH ensures the prevention of material grade changes by means of automated online systems.